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Get clean, naturally.

Handcrafting naturally eliminates most or all of the unwanted additives found on store shelves.

As with our soap, all of our other products are also handcrafted, palm oil and tallow free, and NEVER tested on animals.

Scents are powerful.

Scents are very powerful in holding special moments in our memories, or creating new ones.

Using scents in a positive way, such as in a relaxing bath or during meditation, will greatly improve your experience.

Always cooking.

There are many products I plan to add to the Craft Natural line in the near future. Please continue to check back often.

Thank you so much for supporting small and local businesses. I truly appreciate your support!

Handcrafted Soap or Same Old Brand?


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The soap we buy today on the shelves at any store is closer to your laundry or dish detergent than any 'moisturizing bar' is willing to claim. Sounds harsh, doesn't it? Simply put, it is.

Commercial soap manufacturers can mass produce using inexpensive chemicals, making their products cost much less. The impact on your skin and the environment is simply not worth the savings. Commercially made soap usually contains harsh detergents, fillers, chemicals, petroleum, parabens (linked to breast cancer), high animal fat content (sodium tallowate), and irritants like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).

Natural, handmade products keep all of the good stuff that moisturizes your skin, naturally. There are also no other harsh detergents, chemicals, or preservatives added for color, smell, or longevity. You can feel good reading the ingredients of handmade soap and knowing exactly what is going on your skin.


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But what about Lye?

Handcrafting soap has been done the same way for... well, ever. It involves a very simple chemical reaction between oils (or fats) and lye (sodium hydroxide). ALL soap is made with lye. No lye, no soap. Crazy? The good news is there is no lye in the finished product. The chemical reaction converts the lye/fat mixture to glycerin. The glycerin is a natural by-product and the relationship between the soap molecule and the glycerin means you have a cleanser with lots of luxurious lather, that cleans like nothing else. As a bonus, it does not strip your skin of its natural, protective oils.

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